In these times of uncertainty and possibility, one of our greatest challenges is knowing when to reach out for assistance, and how to find the right person.

As leaders – when is self-sufficiency a false economy?  How much more could we contribute with the proper skilful input?  Who can we talk to just to bounce ideas?

As practitioners and other helpers – when do our needs become paramount with regard to our capacity to serve others?  How do we nourish ourselves and unlock more of our unique contribution?  When supervision isn’t hitting the spot, what are we seeking for ourselves?

As creatives – where is the edge between solo creation and the inspiration of connection with others?  How do we follow our creative passions and find our place in the world?

As partners, collaborators and collectives – when might we benefit from some outside support?  how do we find someone who will listen and help us find our own way?


When you want someone to talk to

… someone not in your sphere, and with no agenda

… someone with humanistic capacities, able to help you reflect and tap into your own wisdom

… someone who will not analyse you, judge you or attempt to take over your choices

… someone capable and trustworthy

or when you want to explore with a like-minded group…

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