The road thus far …

My background is eclectic.

My parents were non-conformists from opposite ends of the social scale – right from the beginning I was immersed in a bohemian lifestyle and a philosophy of self-determination.  Naturism and nature cure were a part of the mix.  As a child I was an early client and case study with Dr Rachel Pinney, who developed ground-breaking approaches to conflict resolution and collaborative communication.  My parents showed me that change is an adventure.  They carried their courage and inventiveness into our experiences as children – a mix of non-standard and challenge, which fostered a love of the unknown, the yet to be explored, discovery.

In the 70s and 80s I began to study human potential in earnest – graduating from the controversial Exegesis Programme enlightenment intensive and follow up programmes covering self-actualisation and core life skills.  I trained in NLP and began studying with John Heron, a founding father of Humanistic Psychology.

In the 90s I took the MSc in Change Agent Skills & Strategies with John Heron’s Human Potential Research Group at Surrey University.  This was an experiential journey in humanistic theory and application, for working with individuals, groups and organisations.  Alongside – I took my Reiki Masters and began training practitioners in hands-on healing and energy balancing.

In the 00s I trained with Gabrielle Roth to teach her 5Rhythms Dance movement meditation practice, and studied Healing Tao.

In the 10s I completed my Pellowah practitioner training.

This potent mix of humanistic theory and practice, energy management and empowerment, and body based movement work, comes together into a flexible and intuitive approach.  My practice incorporates body work, energy work and humanistic psychology – for heart, mind, body and spirit.


And now …

My work has evolved.

In the 80s and early 90s my focus was on helping blue chip businesses with large scale organisational transformation.  As part of Programmes Ltd aka The Merchants Group, an eclectic group of people who came together through the Exegesis Programme, I designed and delivered transformation programmes all over the UK, and began to work as a coach to some of our senior exec clients.

In the 90s I went solo and created my own brand Inspiring Change – for the next 20 years I worked almost exclusively with individual senior execs and boards.  By embracing humanistic principles and practice, my clients significantly uplifted their contributions, both to the bottom line and to softer metrics such as staff satisfaction.

In the early 10s I switched my focus to private work – helping entrepreneurs and non-execs, and providing input and support for practitioners and creatives.  Clients come to me, or we meet local to them, or we use video chat.  Reiki and Pellowah energy modalities can be applied remotely.

At this time I developed my unique experiential Human Potential Retreats. A blend of conscious dance with humanistic process. The retreats run regularly in Somerset and East Wales, and occasionally elsewhere by special request.

The sense of wonder that my parents encouraged – both with life generally, and the nature of humanity specifically – has stayed with me.  I remain aware that we are multi-layered and full of mystery and beauty, ever-changing and growing.  This is what I bring to the work.

The work I do tends to fall broadly into these services.