I work with a variety of clients …

Entrepreneurs, NEDs, practitioners and creatives – individually or in groups.

These are capable people who sometimes want to talk to an outside person with my kind of background.

My clients tend to identify with these Humanistic notions:

  • Although our circumstances vary, by and large in modern society we can be autonomous and self-directing – able to think for ourselves, make our own decisions and choices, and direct ourselves to act and accomplish.
  • In our day-to-day lives we affect and are affected by one another.  We are interdependent with others and with the environment.
  • The choices we make and how we conduct ourselves make a difference to other people’s lives, and in turn to our organisations and society in general.  Consequently – individually and collectively, by taking greater charge of our lives, we can move towards a society that is supportive and empowering.

This idea of individual learning and growth as a contribution to global flourishing is embraced by many of our leaders, helpers and collaborators – and these are the kind of people who work with me.

Everyone has their own reasons for working with me.

Here are a few examples …

  • A non-exec Chairman – thinking through his first 100 days – and assessing organisational capacities for change.
  • An Eco-commune leader – grappling with questions of power, control, autonomy and community.
  • A psychologists’ association – regrouping, making difficult decisions, forging a new path.
  • A non-exec Director – exploring alternative creative responses to organisational challenges – political and interpersonal.
  • A practitioners association – conducting a humanistic inquiry into conflicts and solutions.
  • SID – juggling autonomy, loyalty and pragmatism – his and others’.
  • An actor – re-evaluating life direction..

If you also have important work to do – I may be just the person to talk to

… or you might benefit from one of my other services.