What people say about working with me …

  • a very individual approach
  • a unique and different thinker
  • a remarkable ability to understand my needs
  • intelligent, challenging, constructive, honest, kind and non-judgmental
  • gentle and perceptive facilitation and encouragement
  • an exceptional person who delivers exceptional results
  • open, perception changing, often hilarious and emotional
  • she holds the space with a delicious sensitivity drawn from her wide experience
  • fantastic support and first class coaching in my personal development
  • an inspiration in my work and home life with her insights and guidance
  • broadened and deepened my capability to lead the board to even greater success
  • always inspirational in getting to the heart of the matter and finding creative and fun ways of approaching the topics
  • human warmth, play and soul adventure
  • helped my board to develop themselves well beyond their own expectations
  • highly effective facilitator and personal coach
  • insightful and creative
  • truly inspirational and an expert in her field of work
  • an enlightening and enriching experience
  • learning how to channel energy for oneself and in others is key to success – she helped me to master this
  • helping people with their personal development and growth – facilitating self-discovery
  • you can focus on any aspect of yourself and relate it back to all areas of life – and past, present, future – very powerful and interesting
  • not about a performance, it’s about tapping into the unique beauty of each individual
  • has an effect on everything and everyone around me; it’s quite a soul-searching journey
  • supportive, warm, with good intention
  • humanistic, centred around individual people – we go in the direction I want to go, I’m not told where to go

There are also these testimonials from some of my past corporate clients.

I couldn’t hope for better feedback.