Corporate Testimonials

Comments from some of my past corporate clients

Gordon Steele, Post Office Limited
Catherine has worked with me on the development of my personal leadership skills and subsequently in the development of team effectiveness and interpersonal dynamics.  She is an exceptional person who delivers exceptional results.  She is creative, professional and extremely well organised with a clear and unstinting focus on results.  To call her a career coach is too narrow a description of what she does and the tools she has at her disposal.  She genuinely does inspire positive change in individuals, teams and organisations.  I look forward to working with her in the future.

Wendy Ferguson, Scottish Widows
I enlisted Catherine’s help to accelerate my transition into a larger more senior role, where I was accountable for leading a significant number of people and managing a sizeable budget for the first time.  Through our work together, I obtained deep personal insight, enhanced my own personal effectiveness and that of my team, and I gained new perceptions, such as feeling the energy in the room and understanding the impact this has on people’s performance and behaviour.  Catherine is highly accomplished in her craft, original and creative in her approach, and warm and fun to work with.  She was always well prepared for our sessions and her techniques were practical, tailored and effective.  I continue to benefit today, professionally and personally, from the learning and insights gained.  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to work on their professional development in an enjoyable and innovative way.

Nigel Mills, Engineering Specialist
I spent five days executive coaching with Catherine.  Each session was open, perception changing, often hilarious and emotional, which for me represents atypical demeanour.  Catherine stayed very focussed on my particular objective.  She showed me how mind and body are not two discrete entities; how a disposition or lack of balance in one directly impacts the other.  She helped me by providing insight into mine and others’ behaviours, attitudes and mentalities.  I gained clarity over my own and others’ personal values, objectives, priorities as well as determining the type of role and company I prefer to work for.  As a direct result I left my previous employer and secured a new, more senior role, the new remuneration paying back the original investment.  To anyone considering coaching, perhaps wondering whether it might be good value to career and personal life and looking for tangible results, you should spend some time with Catherine.

Alison Gibbs, MyHomeMove
Catherine and I initially worked together on my executive development over a period of eighteen months to November 2012.  She created the perfect environment for this work, which included research, deep self-assessment and analysis; her coaching was intelligent, challenging, constructive, honest, kind and non-judgemental.  I gained invaluable personal insights and clarified what really matters to me.  Catherine helped me to tap into my inner resourcefulness and to develop practical skills to deal with work situations while remaining authentic and true to my values.  Catherine maintained clear focus on the overall goal through each individual objective and step within the programme.  We also had a lot of fun, Catherine is a joy to work with!  The positive impact of working with Catherine was significant and is on-going, both personally and professionally, and my relationships have benefited in ways I had not anticipated.  Catherine introduced me to Reiki and 5Rhythms, both of which have also been life enhancing.  I have recently started some personal coaching work with Catherine, which I consider to be a very worthwhile investment.  Catherine is an exceptional person and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone with a desire for self-learning and development.

Lesley Alexander, HSBC
I worked with Catherine regularly for over 18 months on my personal development and it was a great investment! Catherine takes a very individual approach – she doesn’t ‘sheep dip’ like some coaches.  She challenged me in different ways and helped me take a long hard look at myself and what I wanted from my work and personal life.  Working with Catherine has helped me go outside my comfort zone and to take on new challenges with confidence. And, she’s a very warm person who you can trust completely.  If you want an exciting and rewarding experience, I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough.

Craig Colton, Aviva
Catherine has provided fantastic support and first class coaching in my personal development over the past 18 months.  A joy to work with and an inspiration in my work and home life with her insights and guidance!

Nathan Moss, HSBC, Scottish Widows, Lloyds Banking Group
Catherine is always inspirational in getting to the heart of the matter and finding creative and fun ways of approaching the topics and issues you wish her to help with.  No hesitation in recommending her services.

Tony Ashford, HSBC
Catherine provided inspirational coaching on both a personal and team basis which supported a personal transformation and organisational change.

David Mills, HSBC, Post Office Ltd
Catherine is a very original thinker who is capable of adapting her style to the needs of the individual who she is coaching.  She brings creativity to her work.  She is also capable of operating at multiple levels within an organisation and produces effective results.  Catherine’s insight into helping some of my executive team to develop themselves well beyond their own expectations has greatly assisted in achieving ambitious corporate results.  Her professionalism, integrity, sensitivity and commercial orientation produce truly beneficial results.

Paul Denniff, Scotia Gas Networks
I have worked with Catherine for just over one year on an executive programme that was uniquely tailored to meet my needs of significantly improving my overall performance.  The programme really encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone, and I must say that Catherine is truly inspirational and an expert in her field of work.  If you want to make a major step forward, and need support in doing so, I would strongly recommend Catherine.

Steve McSherry, Avaya
Catherine was able to mould together a collection of managers, each with a range of skills sets, into one cohesive and effective management team which proved capable of meeting the challenges facing Avaya at that time.  I would recommend Catherine to anyone who wishes to do the same.

Mike Goode, Avaya
I worked with Catherine whilst at Lucent Technologies, where her ‘brief’ was to help us Change from a direct sales channel to a multi channel environment.  Her philosophical approach and her pragmatic style helped me to embrace change and become a ‘change agent’.  She had the same impact and successful results with the whole management team in the UK.  I look forward to working with her again in another challenging environment.

Clive Wood, HSBC
Catherine is a highly effective facilitator and personal coach.  She is insightful and creative, deploying a wide variety of techniques to help teams and individuals to understand and improve their performance.

Chris Golding, Scottish Widows
Catherine creates an excellent climate for development.  A relationship that is built high on trust and integrity with innovative ideas and concepts.

Gary Barnes, Scotia Gas Networks
Catherine Llewellyn is a unique and different thinker.  Her ability to help people to connect with their inner selves and release untapped reserves of capability, talent and positive emotion are quite unparalleled.  She has a remarkable ability to understand the needs of those with whom she works, however disparate their personalities.  Catherine has worked with a number of executives in Scotia Gas Networks over the last 3 years and, as both a beneficiary of the development programme and the sponsor of others, I can vouch for the value of the results.  I recommend Catherine unhesitatingly and without reservation.  If you want the best, look no further.

Ron Whatford, Lloyds Banking Group
I knew I needed something different to help us not only achieve our hard targets but to do so sustainably and set up well for the following few years – the humanistic approach you taught us did the job perfectly, and we are better, and happier, leaders for it.

Sue Huggins, Post Office Ltd
I appreciate the positive difference it has made to me as a person, to my effectiveness in my work, and to the contribution I feel able to make to the organisation.  Constructing the 18 month plan gave me such clarity – it really has put me back in control – very positively – of my own future.  I have been truly amazed at how powerful such a simple tool can be.

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