We begin with a short chat to find out what mix is the best one for you.

Private sessions can be in Somerset or nearer you.
Public events are usually in Somerset or Dorset.

What’s on offer


  • We sit and talk together, about whatever you like.
  • Perhaps you want someone to listen attentively, so you can talk yourself into clarity.
  • Perhaps you want more intervention than that – questions and interaction.
  • You may have a specific topic or objective for your sessions, or you might use them for free-flowing exploration and support.

Active sessions

  • We work with energy and body, to help with well-being and self-discovery.
  • We might use 5Rhythms conscious movement and dance.
  • We might use Reiki energy balancing.
  • We might use Pellowah energy healing.
  • You may use your sessions for general well-being, or to help you explore something specific.

Facilitated sessions

  • We get together with your partner, or your small peer group.
  • Probably – you have a collective aim for your sessions – perhaps the initial session is used to clarify that common aim.
  • We use talk, energy work and movement work as needed to help you to explore.

Public Human Potential retreats and workshops

  • Public sessions where you’ll mix with a group of 10 – 20 others.
  • We use a blend of conscious dance with humanistic process to explore the event themes.
  • Each theme contributes in its own way to personal exploration, self-development, and enhanced well-being.


There’s a scale of charges which I’ll send you after a short chat. [terms]

To find out more, check out the Clients page, or get in touch.