Pieces of wisdom

Over the years I’ve gathered valuable insights from my clients and from my own experience.

I’ve pulled some of this wisdom into order, and offer it out in the form of ebooks and short bulletins.


Why Don’t the Board Think for Themselves? And What to Do About it

A short piece listing the most common obstacles to free thinking at Board level, and a series of simple interventions to help remove those obstacles.  For Chairmen and CEOs.

Why People Think They Can’t Dance and How They Probably Really Can

Unravelling the often firmly entrenched belief systems and misunderstandings that can keep us stuck in an unhelpful self-image in relation to dance.  For anyone who might like to dance if only they can overcome these limiting self-perceptions.

What is Humanistic Coaching and Why do We Care?

A thorough examination of where Humanistic Coaching sits in relation to other approaches, why and how executives can find the right Humanistic Coach, and how Humanistic Coaching works.


Bulletins come out about once every 2-3 months, free of charge. You can sign up for any or all of the titles.

  • Transpersonal musings – for entrepreneurs and non-execs
  • Humanistic musings – for full-time execs
  • Humanistic musings – for practitioners and creatives
  • Aetheric musings – for anyone interested in human energy & consciousness
  • Human Potential retreats & workshops – diary dates for everyone